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Building a Godly Foundation

The 'Building a Godly Foundation' course emphasises the importance of laying a Godly foundation in the lives of people. It is the sequel to the course 'Keys to Victorious Living'. This course is not only for people in leadership but also for the congregation. The Church requires a strong foundation if it has to fulfil its God-given mission. Therefore, each of us is responsible for laying the right foundations in our lives. This course will help you to not only realise the significance of your life here on Earth, but it will also help you to live your life with an eternal perspective in mind. The objective is for you to discover God's purpose for your life and that you would be a man or woman of faith, doing great exploits for God.

This is a 17 week course for and is aimed at helping Christians grow in their walk with God. For this course, each group will have 5 to 10 people, ensuring that it remains interactive and promotes discussion within the sessions. You will be assigned a host, based on your location.

This course workbook is currently available only in English.

You will be able to begin this course once you have completed the 'Keys to Victorious Living' course.


Laying a Godly Foundation
Repentance from Dead Works
Faith Towards God
The Doctrine of Baptisms
Laying on of Hands
Resurrection of the Dead
Eternal Judgement
Moving into Your Destiny



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